About Us

Bluestella was a sole-proprietorship business firm owned by Joseph Rannie Buluran. It started in the year 2007 when bluestella was first, a web log name that soon transformed into a business firm.

Business was brought to life in the year 2008, when Joseph attended his Project Management course and was tasked to have a t-shirt design that would market their course. As he did sample designs, he and his partner, Mr. Roberto Galang Jr. agreed to bring it to the public.

Bluestella’s target clientelle will be in all class levels ranging from A-E. They sell their products at the least price they can give, that would not affect much their buyers pockets. They sell statement shirts which caters every aspectw of life, and mostly youth. They put into tees what youth wants to shout to the world and what the world needs to shout to us.

Bluestella holds their office at Solomon Building Room 304 De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Taft Avenue, Manila Philippines. They will open their first retail store this coming 2009 at Podium and Trinoma.

Bluestella will keep you posted on our latest trends in the field of clothing.